Saturday, October 20, 2012

Techie Post #5

This post is all about iPad apps. :) about time, right?

I received an iPad from my district to use in the classroom this year and I love it. Here's a short list of apps that I have been using with my second graders.

Language Arts apps

- Sock Puppets: Kids can make 30 second puppet shows where they place backgrounds, animate the sock puppets and record their voice. It's a fun way for kids to practice fluency and be more aware of their reading voice and inflection.

- Spelling City: I have already posted about this website but it's now an app that some of my parents have started using with their kids at home. It's awesome because you put in your own spelling lists and the students don't have to have a password. They can just search for your lists by teacher name.

- Letter School: I have been using this with one of my students with special needs who has trouble writing letters. It helps with fine motor skills and shows how to form capital and lowercase letters.

Math apps: (this is when I use the iPad the most)

- Splash Math: this is a great app for place value. You can download the 2nd and 3rd grade apps to differentiate for your on and above level students.

- k12 Bills&Coins: This app is great for on and above level kiddos with money because you can have them match values to a collection of coins, show different collections that show the same amount, and make change. It also gives an option of coins only or bills and coins.

- My Piggy Bank Lite: This app is great for kids struggling to recognize coins and match their values. This is used with a couple of my students who are struggling with matching the picture of the coin with its value.

- Hungry Fish: Students have to combine bubbles to make the sum for the fish to eat. Good for fact families and adding two and even three single digit numbers to gets sums up to 20.

- Sushi Monster: This is a very addicting game for basic fact mastery for addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Check out my next techie post for more apps!


Wow it's been a long time since I blogged. To be honest, the past few weeks have been filled with school stress, sickness, homeowner problems, and tough family stuff. It's been a rough month but we're getting through it.

Through everything, it's been really nice to spend time with family and have the support of my coworkers who have been so amazing as I go through trying to teach when my mind is elsewhere. Its actually been a pretty crazy few weeks for all of us but we're making it through together.

It's nice to have a group of people who can bring you Starbucks, load you up with cough drops and emergen-c, help you sort through lesson plans, leave love notes on your board, cheer you up with awesome student stories, and most of all value you as a teacher and friend. Thanks girls :)

I'm hoping that with the holidays coming up, things will turn around and that Ryan and I will get to do more fun things and reconnect with the outside world away from school. So here's hoping that my next blog posts are less depressing.