Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our Little Mess...

Alright... apparently water and the Ficklings don't mix. Over the past few months we have dealt with damage to our water main, a busted water heater, and then today our adorable new dog broke two sprinkler heads in the backyard...

I know I should be mad about this, but I can't. It was hilarious and I have never seen him so happy.

I know Zeus is a mess but he's our mess. We saved him from a horrible life where he never felt safe or loved. It is going to take time to get him fully trained and comfortable with us. I expect more crazy situations like this before he is completely settled in. But, it's moments like these, where even though he is doing something totally outrageous, I get to see him happy and acting like a (somewhat) normal dog. :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Open House 2013

Here are some highlights from open house this year!

 Open House Glyphs (data unit)
Parents had to use the legend to figure out which house belonged to their student.

 Autobiography Poems

Adjective Portraits

Contraction Surgery

Gotta love Pinterest inspired projects :)

Fraction Fun!

We just finished up our fraction unit a couple of weeks ago. It's my favorite because the kiddos get so excited about recognizing fraction statements. We also managed to add in a couple of crafty pinterest ideas that were super cute for open house. :)

Fraction Pizzas!

Fraction Sundaes!