Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Catching Up...

Wow, it has been a little while since my last post. So many things have been going on in and outside of school. Here's a little snapshot of my life over the past few weeks.

My grandfather had a serious accident and was in the hospital for a while. He is now home recovering. Thankfully he is in good spirits and making progress every day.

Zeus has been making himself at home. He has put on about 13 pounds and is really showing his personality. So far, he has learned some basic commands, is walking better on the leash, and has only managed to chew up a remote, his bed, and most recently, the laces off Ryan's dress shoes... He's a goofy mess but we love him.

We also experienced a bit of a house setback. Oh, the joys of homeownership... I came home to find that our water heater busted and flooded the den. Luckily, our insurance covers everything (but the heater)! We got to spend over a week with giant fans on constantly but now the worst is over and we get to focus on repairing and upgrading.

Let's get back to the good news... My beautiful teammate and friend Kristin got engaged on March 6th! Her fiance' let Flo and I in on the planning so that he could propose during school. It was awesome! 

(Yes, that is me photobombing in the background...)  

On March 8th, I celebrated my 26th birthday! It landed perfectly on the Friday before spring break. My room moms and my teammates were so thoughtful. I also got some love notes and gifts from Joanna and Arianna. :) It was an awesome day and it was made even better by not having to go to work for a week!

I wish I could say that I was super productive over spring break, but I wasn't... It was a much needed break and I enjoyed every minute of it. Now it's back to work. We have open house this Thursday and everyone is gearing up for the STAAR tests. Even though I'm not in a testing grade, we definitely feel the pressure to help these kiddos so they are ready for next year.

Check back for a teacher post of the fun projects we've been doing in 2nd grade! :)

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