Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our Newest Addition :)

So I can't really keep this to myself anymore. Ryan and I have been talking about adding a new member to the family for a couple years now and last week we finally took the plunge and found this sweet boy.

Meet Zeus-- a blue pit bull rescued from the Garland animal shelter. He was surrendered by his owner and is severely emaciated. It is a kill shelter and he would have been euthanized within days of being there.

We named him for the lightning bolt on his neck.

Here he is at 43lbs... poor baby. :(

We know his road to recovery will be rough. It is going to take a lot of food :) , training, and support to get him healthy. I feel like a new parent, trying to figure out how to handle adding a new member to our family.
Ryan signing the adoption papers :)

Dee meeting Zeus for the first time.

Our first dog, Delilah, has become the bratty big sister. She definitely feels that she has to compete for our attention and show that she's the dominant one. She loves crawling in between Ryan and Zeus.

She has also been playing musical chairs with her old bed, her new bed, and Zeus's bed.

Zeus finally got a little revenge.

This week has been emotional, stressful, entertaining, exciting, and totally worth it. Stay tuned. :)


  1. What a lucky boy! Dee, you behave yourself and be a good big sister! Love you guys, and can't wait to meet Zeus!

  2. Such a bad ass name for such an awesome dog! Congratulations again :)

  3. What a sweet little baby! I love that picture of him and D :) also, totally didn't know her name was Delilah!