Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Update :)

We are officially an old married couple and puppy parents. How did we get here?! Ryan specifically asked me not to post this. I believe his exact words were, "stop posting, we can't be THOSE people..." Well too late honey, we are those people, and that is okay. I highly doubt anyone thinks we are crazy, adventurous, party all the time people anyway. If you do, sorry to disappoint and you should probably stop reading this. :)

As most of you know, I am really good at procrastinating. This past week was no different. Since our water heater busted, we have been going back and forth with our carpet company to figure out all the details for replacing our carpet. Luckily, the company was able to replace carpet in all areas for the same price as it would have been to somewhat match our original carpet in three rooms. All of this to say that I have had plenty of time to pack and organize but... I didn't.

Cue Friday when I'm dreading going home to pack up the entire house before 8:00 am Saturday morning. That's when the fun begins...

Ryan calls and frantically tells me that Zeus threw up blood and he's taking him to the emergency clinic. I met him there and we spent 2 hours to find out the following...

Zeus needs to poop.

Awesome. Thanks for that $300 X-ray.
We got a DVD of it and everything.

Technically, they couldn't figure out why he threw up blood so we have to follow up with the vet.
I'm extremely thankful that his most urgent problem was having to go to the bathroom so I can't really complain. Hopefully it is nothing that we can't get him through.

This definitely didn't help my procrastination though. We spent the whole night packing up and checking on Zeus. I think we had about 5 hours of sleep by the time the carpet installers showed up.

Everything went smoothly and procrastination aside, I think it was totally worth it. We love the new carpet and we finally have our house in a more functional state.

Now we can focus on getting Zeus healthy and making our house ready for company!

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