Saturday, September 8, 2012

Proud to be an Aggie

It is game day in College Station, Texas and I am full of emotions. This is the first game with Texas A&M in the SEC. I'm a little bummed because Ryan and I had a playful rivalry with both of our teams in the Big 12. Now all of that is gone and it's on to new experiences. I am really excited about the new season starting but it also brings up some sadness too.

I haven't been able to go back to College Station since I graduated back in 2009. The game tickets are really expensive and as I've said before, I married into a Baylor family so if we're going to pick a college football game to go to, I am outnumbered. Don't get me wrong, I love going to the Baylor games but I just miss getting to show my college pride and go back to my school.

I love everything about College Station, especially on game weekends. There are so many people camped out and tailgating outside of Kyle Field, it is unreal. I've never seen anything like it. Once you get into the stadium it is sea of maroon and white and everyone is in good spirits. It was so fun to go to the games and do all the chants, stand up the whole game, and have a shared experience with thousands of people. There is nothing like experiencing a football game in Aggieland.

 I'll never forget the time I took my dad to the A&M vs. UT game on Thanksgiving in 2009, right before I graduated in December. He wasn't on board with me going to A&M at first and had a hard time when I turned down Baylor scholarships to move to Aggieland. It wasn't until we were in the stands at that game, that he turned to me and said "I get it. I finally see what you have been talking about all this time."  

Hopefully some time soon, I'll get to head back to College Station for a game. I will buy every shirt at the tent sale, eat a huge hot wing potato at Potato Shack, and then spend my after game festivities on Northgate. Oh Aggieland, we will meet again. :)


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