Saturday, September 1, 2012

Techie Post #4

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! It is a free site that helps students master basic facts. It starts out with addition and subtraction but you can change each student's program to move up to multiplication and division as they reach that level of mastery. It is so easy to sign up and set up your class. Also, the site generates parent flyers that you can print out and send home. This allows for the parents to link to their child's profile. That way parents can see their child's progress through weekly emails. As a teacher, you get a weekly email showing the progress of your entire class. 

This can be done during computer lab or during your math block with students taking turns at your student computers. It only takes 15 minutes for the students to take a placement quiz, progress activity and race the teacher game. It is basically online flash cards but the kids love it and they get to see a grid that shows which facts they have mastered and the ones they still need to work on. Once they master a program, you will get an email that gives you a certificate to print out for that child. It is AWESOME. The screenshot above shows all of the instructional videos you can watch to walk you through the set up process. 

This screenshot is the sign up screen. Do it now and thank me later! :)

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