Saturday, November 10, 2012

Election Day

We  had a busy couple of weeks in my second grade classroom on the heels of our red ribbon week. We started out by having a discussion about good leaders and the qualities they should have. Then students got a chance to run or be nominated to run in a 2nd grade primary in my class. Each 2nd grade class elected a president and vice president candidate to run in the 2nd grade election. Then we had a week for the students to campaign and put posters around the school. Finally, we held a 2nd grade election in the library. Each candidate gave a speech and all students got to vote. It was adorable. I don't post photos of my student's faces on here to protect their privacy but here are some highlights from the experience!

Secret Service
Guarding the ballot box 

We chose students to be speakers and secret service. It was so cute and the kids got a chance to have a hands on voting experience. It actually sparked some conversations about our national election the following Tuesday. We read If I Ran for President then I let my kids vote for president so they could practice for when they turn 18. :) I tallied the votes in class and then gave them an electoral vote tracker for the evening's festivities. I hope their interest in the democratic process continues to grow with them so that they rock the vote in 10 years. :)

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