Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone has survived this week full of halloween festivities! It has been a crazy whirlwind this year with halloween in the middle of the week!

Second grade has been pretty busy this week. We signed up to bring food for the staff as a halloween treat on Wednesday and it was ridiculous! My friend Florence already blogged about it with lots of pictures.
(Check out her post here --

Then, we decided to do some halloween activities to keep the kiddos engaged. We started out with a writing activity. Since the hamburger analogy is no longer being used to teach the parts of a paragraph, my brilliant colleague suggested that we use the analogy of a spider web.

A good paragraph has sentences that connect from beginning to end like a spider's web. The spider works very carefully to make sure that each thread is placed perfectly. We really wanted to emphasize that even in basic paragraphs they need to revise to make sure that all of the sentences flow together. Then we read a book about spiders and did some research before coming up with these awesome mobiles.
The kids went through the process of prewriting, drafting, revising with a partner, and then editing with me before writing their final drafts on a spider web and then typing their paragraph to publish.

We also did an intro to procedural writing with time order words by carving a pumpkin. It turned out really well even though our anchor chart got a little wrinkled.

Finally, we made fact family haunted houses and they turned out so cute! :)

Happy Halloween y'all! :)

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  1. Love all the Halloween themed school activities! Thanks for the shoutout. :)