Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School!

Two posts in one day! I'm on a roll!

The past couple weeks, I have wandered up to school and spent hours setting up my classroom. Not the best idea since there is NO A/C!!! My teaching partners and I are absolutely crazy. When I moved to this school last year, I went to school a month early to set up my classroom since I was moving from 4th to 2nd. So technically I am not as crazy as last year, but this situation is still out of control.

Anyway, my classroom is a hollywood/movie theme and since it's my second year in this classroom, I have been able to add some new things instead of starting from scratch like last year. Here are some pictures of some new things I have so far.

I actually was a copycat and got this from Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade.
I used these names for my jobs last year but it was in a pocket chart that kept falling down so I decided to switch to this one this year. The assistant director is basically my assistant for the week. They will get to check for green folders each morning and then help me with random things throughout the day. The leading actor/actors will be students designated to help other students if I am working at the back table, unless it is something they can't help with. The set director/s are students that are in charge of making sure the library and other daily 5/math station areas are being taken care of properly. The script deliverer is the student who will pass notes to the office or across the hall to my teammates. :) The prop director/s are in charge of supplies for various lessons throughout the week as well as pencils. Lighting and cleaning crews are pretty self explanatory. The key grip is in charge the library book boxes and Daily 5 checklist. They will make sure that the library books are put back properly and the students are taking care of their personal book boxes. That's what the numbered boxes are in the photo below. I got a 5 pack of the boxes for $2.99 at IKEA.

This is my new Daily 5 clip chart. I painted and numbered the clips. I use numbers in my classroom for my job chart, behavior chart, and this chart so I don't have to remake the clips each year. Don't worry, I still know each kid by name and I don't refer to them as #12... haha. I can't remember where the graphics came from for these because I got them from another teacher.

That's all for now. I'll keep posting as I finish things so you can see the whole room.


  1. Cute!!! I love the font! and the pictures :)

  2. Thanks Flo! Oh I finished the behavior chart and I can't wait for you to see it!

  3. I would love a copy of your behavior chart! Your Hollywood theme is darling. :) You are so creative!