Monday, August 20, 2012

We're all mad here...

So this week I am officially going back to school. We have a week of training/inservice days and then the new kiddos come back on August 27th. You all know that I have been at school early but a few other teachers joined in the craziness. I have decided to share this post so you can see the MADNESS that has been going on in our hallway since last week. :)

Here's Arianna working on new labels for her new classroom theme.

She also painted new clips and hall passes. Ridiculously adorable.

Then there's Heather who came up to school earlier than I did to get her jungle classroom ready with some new pinterest inspired additions!

Florence added to her Around the World classroom and reworked her Daily 5 areas.

New word wall and magnetic space for word work activities like BOGGLE.
New posters that will have the independence charts when she lauches each part of Daily 5.
Check out her blog,

Joanna created a puppet theatre from a broken down bookcase by cutting the back piece of particle board, covering the whole thing in contact paper, and hanging a curtain courtesy of IKEA to go with her "Peace, Love and Learning" classroom theme. :) After this photo she trimmed the streamers and it turned out super cute.

We also have two newbies in 2nd and 3rd grade this year so we have been jumping around to their classrooms to help them get ready for their first year at ACM. It is crazy busy but I am so excited about the new school year!

Stay tuned for more classroom pictures and finished products! :)

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